How to purchase

The process of purchasing a Nightingale apartment is simple but differs from conventional ‘off-the-plan’ property sales. Here is an overview of the steps to your own Nightingale home.

Discover Nightingale


Register your interest as a future Nightingale resident, commitment-free. We’ll send you details of new projects and scheduled information sessions.

In the meantime, explore our website: learn more about Nightingale’s key principles and how our balloting process works. Follow us on Instagram to stay in touch and hear about the latest Nightingale news.


When a new Nightingale project piques your interest, attend an information session. The project team will speak in detail about the design of the building and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions. After the information session, you’ll have access to a detailed information package with floor plans, pricing and materials.

The myth of the waitlist

Rumours of there being a long waitlist of Nightingale purchasers are false. When a new project is balloted, every ballot entry — no matter when a person registered with Nightingale — has an equal chance of success. (The only exception is the 20% allocation for people with a priority ballot.)

Enter the ballot


Take your time to explore the information package and consider which apartments in the project best suit your individual needs. If you have remaining questions, you’ll be able to email them to us or book a 1-on-1 call with a Nightingale staff member.


Submit your ballot, letting us know which apartments you are prepared to purchase. Entering the ballot is a commitment to purchase — if the ballot is successful and you’re allocated one of your preferred apartments. Anyone can enter a ballot.

Accept your apartment


On ballot day, you’ll receive a call from us. If your ballot was successful, you’ll be offered to purchase one of the apartments you pre-selected on your ballot. Once accepted, we’ll send a commitment agreement for you to sign.


You sign and return the commitment agreement, and then pay a commitment fee of $10,000, which will be held in trust (and will form part of your deposit). This formal step secures your apartment and you’re now officially a future Nightingale resident.

What if my ballot is unsuccessful?

If you’re not allocated an apartment during the ballot, you’ll be added to 'the bench'. Sometimes people have to pull out due to unanticipated circumstances, and apartments become available.

Further, if you are unsuccessful twice in a Nightingale ballot, on your third attempt you will be entered into the priority ballot. If you are unsuccessful three times, you will be offered a pre-allocation for the next Nightingale building.

Join your community


In the following month or two, Nightingale will organise the first resident meeting (either in person or via Zoom), where you’ll have a chance to meet your future neighbours and hear from the project team.


A few months before construction of your building commences, we’ll send a contract of sale for you to sign. This is also when your deposit of 10% is due (5% if concessional). The deposit includes the commitment fee you already paid.



During construction, we’ll keep you up-to-date through regular resident meetings (mostly via Zoom) and occasional site visits.


Three to six months before construction is due for completion, we explain the settlement process in more detail and remind you to get in touch with your bank or broker to organise a mortgage (if needed).

Settlement & move-in


After the first inspection of your apartment, we log remaining defects in our system. Our settlement team will assist you with the final steps of the purchase of your apartment.


As soon as settlement is complete, you can pick up your keys (and welcome pack) from our office and book a move-in time slot online. Welcome home! 


From attending the first information session till move-in typically takes between two and three years. During the information session, we will provide an anticipated timeline for the project. The Nightingale team will then give regular updates throughout construction and keep you informed about any delays or changes.