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Tell us a little bit about who lives here:

So firstly, the most important occupant is Flossy the almost ten-year-old greyhound. Luckily Flossy is well attuned to indoor living and suits apartment life to a tee. Getting pats from all our neighbours is really her main priority.

Next, we have Nishani, who lives with us during the week nights and returns to Melbourne for her weekends. Nishani works in prosthetics and orthotics and has made a semi-move to Ballarat for work. We’ve lived together prior to my purchase of the apartment and it’s a win-win for both of us.

Then there is me. I’m lucky to call Nightingale Ballarat home and am loving my short ride to work — one of the local not-for-profits supporting the local community in a social work role. My passion for plants, furniture, colour and fabric is alive whilst I settle in and make it home. I feel extremely lucky.

How did you first hear about Nightingale Housing and what made you decide to choose Nightingale Ballarat?

Thanks to Flossy, following another fellow greyhound on the old Instagram, we found out about Nightingale. I thought, wow, imagine living in a home like that! Then two years later, after having moved to Ballarat for work, a colleague pointed out a Nightingale flyer stuck on the wall in the hospital foyer. It was advertising the first Nightingale Ballarat information night in May 2019.

It all came flooding back and I remembered reading about Nightingale before, thanks to a greyhound in Melbourne named Jed! I was pretty excited to go along to the info night and I remember thinking, perhaps this is why I was meant to move to Ballarat. Prior to that I had always felt the pull to head back to Melbourne. I’ve made some beautiful friends here in Ballarat, however I knew that buying a house on my own would perhaps feel isolating for me. Nightingale’s model of community connection, I knew, would be great for me in Ballarat. The sustainability aspect and beautiful design also attracted me.

What aspects of your new home are you loving so far?

Wow, so much! I think it comes back to the community again first, knowing that there are good folk surrounding me that also care about similar things is great.

I love that the home is so warm! This is so important in our chilly little city! The comfort factor of the apartment has far exceeded my expectations. We came from an old Californian Bungalow that was gorgeous but very leaky!

If I can fit in another thing that I am loving, it is the curved archways of the facade that we get to admire daily. The hard work by the bricklayers is definitely appreciated and it is so good that the bricks are recycled. I am so glad they have been given a new life. It adds character to the building.

Is Flossy enjoying her time at Nightingale Ballarat?

Flossy is in heaven. Flossy has never slept so well, I didn’t think she could do anymore sleeping, but I guess this is the greyhound speciality. I think this is because she is a lot warmer and also just the peacefulness felt in the apartment. It is very quiet with the double glazing.

Floss also gets lots of attention from the other residents which fills her cup daily. She is yet to fully realise it, but there are two other lovely greyhounds in Nightingale Ballarat. It seems it is a pre-requisite when purchasing to also own a greyhound! Given there are lots of other furry friends in the building (not just greyhounds) this is also great for Floss, as we can have the impromptu walk here and there with other residents.

You’ve been in your new home only a short time — has it been easy to get to know the community?

Yes, thanks to having our regular zoom catch-ups and a couple of little face-to-face gatherings over the past 2.5 years, we already feel like we have a sense of one another.

It has made settling in so much easier knowing that you have people close by that you already have some connection with. There are not many places you can move into and in your first week call Barry from upstairs on level 3 to come and help with turning off the heater. (I had not used hydronic before!)

Top three favourite places to go in Ballarat?

Definitely, the Robert Clark Conservatory is one of my favourite places to enjoy in Ballarat at the Botanic Gardens. Whether it is admiring the beautiful Begonias after the crowds have gone or seeing a display of other seasonal delights. I love taking my visitors there.

The Green House in Ballarat for a coffee and indoor plant fix.

Renard, for an after-work drink or cocktail is one of the great food and wine venues. We are spoilt for choice within Ballarat!

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