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How did you hear about Nightingale and what aspect of Nightingale are you most interested in?

I learned about Nightingale 1 and The Commons, and I follow Nightingale on social media. I also saw features of Nightingale apartments on Never Too Small and Jeremy McLeod’s talk on YouTube about affordable and sustainable housing and living, and these caught my interest, especially smaller footprint living. The tour at Nightingale 1 helped to get a feel of what it’s like to be living in one.

Can you shed some light on your balloting experience? What are your tips for others thinking about entering a Nightingale ballot?

The balloting process was explained well. Knowing that my chances were slim as there’d be many applicants for the apartments available, I kept trying as I’m keen to join Nightingale housing and its community. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it the first time but I tried again and got into one of the apartments I balloted for! My tip is to shortlist the apartments that you can afford and see yourself living in, be patient, and try again if you don’t get it the first time.

Through the construction phase of your home, you will begin to meet other residents, for example at the recent Nightingale Wurru wurru biik demolition party. Is this something you look forward to?

Yes, after a couple of sessions on Zoom wondering who’s living above and below me, left, right and centre, it was great to meet my neighbours in person at the demo party. I look forward to learning and getting to know them better, and living well next to each other.

What aspects of living at Nightingale Wurru wurru biik are you looking forward to most?

I look forward to better quality and more environmentally sustainable living, getting to know my neighbours and community, and getting my hands dirty in the vegetable patch.

Do you have a favourite spot in Brunswick?

I’m still exploring my way around here. I thoroughly enjoy walking along the bike path to Royal Park on a sunny afternoon, with a falafel wrap. (Yes, I like A1 Bakery too!)

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