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Tell us a little about who’s moving into your Nightingale Bowden home.

I have two chihuahua-crosses, Cheddar and Coco, and one boyfriend who’s also tagging along!

I’m a veterinary nurse. In my spare time I like to play dodgeball competitively, and in August I’ll be representing Australia at the world tournament in Canada.

What aspect of the Nightingale approach most appealed to you?

The biggest thing that drew me was the community aspect. I’m an extrovert, I love forming connections with people, and when I read about getting to know your neighbours and building community, that reached my heart.

How did you find out about Nightingale?

It was always my dream as a child to own an apartment, but on a single income I thought a Bowden apartment was out of my reach. Someone told me to google ‘Nightingale Housing’, and everything that was on the Nightingale website hit me right in my values.

The next day I was telling my colleagues about it, and they said, “This sounds like a hippy cult, Sakura.” Then I took my mum to the information night here in Adelaide, and she was convinced too.

How do you see yourself getting involved in the Nightingale community?

I want to be that helpful neighbour. I love sharing — that’s what I want to do. I love board games, so I’ll be regularly inviting people to hang out with me. I’ve already met up with my future neighbour for some dog walks!

How was the purchasing process for you, as a first home buyer?

I sent Nightingale a few emails with questions and people were always really prompt and patient with me. At the information night, I had a lot of questions about the deposit. Because it’s off-the-plan, a lot of information I already knew about didn’t apply. I felt underprepared. But the Nightingale team made the process a lot more comfortable for me.

What are your thoughts on the inclusion of apartments for community housing providers in Nightingale Bowden?

I’m all for it. I think it’s really great that it’s something Nightingale actively tries to include.

What do you love about the Bowden area?

I’m looking forward to riding to work, and catching the tram on rainy days. It’s so close to the CBD, and really close to dodgeball, so Bowden is actually right in the centre of everything important in my life. It’s really convenient.

I love Plant 4, the community hub of Bowden with little food stalls.

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First published in
June 2022