Our partnership with Momentum Energy

Dec 15, 2022

Today we announced a partnership that will see Momentum Energy, independently rated as one of Australia’s greenest energy companies, become the preferred power retailer for Nightingale projects in Victoria. 

Providing energy sourced from renewables is a key part of Nightingale's mission to provide sustainable homes. So when looking for an energy retailer, outstanding green credentials were at the top of our list. Momentum was rated a huge 4.5 stars out of 5 in the 2022 Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide, ranking it in the top three nationally.

Through our partnership, Momentum is currently contracted to provide electricity to 10 Nightingale developments across Melbourne. Upcoming Nightingale projects will use 100% GreenPower purchased from Momentum during the construction phase. After construction, power to residents is supplied via a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) linked to renewable energy from the Granville Harbour wind farm in Tasmania. Any gaps in wind power are backed by renewable energy from Hydro Tasmania. 

According to Nightingale's Partnerships Manager James Senior, “Momentum’s ability to offer an easy and affordable renewables solution through the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement sealed the deal. It’s important that by purchasing from Momentum Energy, we are supporting their parent company, Hydro Tasmania, which is Australia's largest generator of renewable energy.” 

Nightingale apartments are all-electric, with hydronic heating and no gas connection. As preferred energy retailer, Momentum Energy will ensure Nightingale residents will have access to 100% renewable energy.

Momentum Energy Managing Director Lisa Chiba said Momentum was determined to play a leading role in helping Australian businesses and households decarbonise: “Our partnership with Nightingale is a great demonstration of how we are working with our customers to develop solutions and services that will help not only households but also some of our biggest energy users in the commercial and industrial sector go renewable.

“Helping companies make the switch to renewables easily, quickly and affordably is not just good for Australian business, it’s also the best way to accelerate Australia’s move to a cleaner, more sustainable energy system.”

For handy info on renewable energy and other great resources around sustainability, check out the Momentum blog.

Pictured: Hydro Tasmania's Gordon River Dam

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