Our visit to Melbourne Skyfarm

Apr 15, 2024

Our team recently took an excursion to Melbourne Skyfarm, an innovative project nestled in the heart of the city. What was once a disused rooftop level of a city carpark has been transformed into an urban farm, rich with planting and productivity. At the heart of the transformation is Foodcube – an Australian-made wicking bed gardening system that is making its mark on urban agriculture by ensuring precise watering levels, to enable bountiful harvests with minimal effort.

As we wandered through Skyfarm, it was inspiring to see the amount of produce thriving in this unconventional setting. From bananas to wasabi, herbs to pears, and lemons to tomatoes, the variety seemed endless. The farm even boasted more unconventional crops like gourds, loofahs, and hops, each in its own Foodcube.

Importantly, Skyfarm is committed to giving back to the community. Each year, tonnes of produce cultivated on the roof is donated to OzHarvest, helping to combat food insecurity and support those in need. Additionally, the farm plays a crucial role in mitigating the heat island effect, offering a refreshing green space amidst the Melbourne CBD.

One highlight of our visit was the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the farm, including its compost system housed within a couple of old car parking spots, and a bustling worm farm producing heaps of nutrient-rich worm juice. 

Nightingale has Foodcubes going into some future project rooftop spaces and we can’t wait to see what the residents can produce. 

If you’re thinking about a new gardening setup, our Foodcube pals will kindly contribute 10% of any sales made through this link to support Nightingale Housing to deliver more great housing.

And in great news, Melbourne Skyfarm has cool plans for the future including public tours, a cafe, event space and a pizza oven so you can grab a slice while watching the sunset over the city.

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