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What made you decide to purchase a Nightingale apartment?

I had been aware of the Nightingale movement from its early days. When I found myself looking to purchase a home, it happened to coincide with the Nightingale 1 information sessions and I leapt at the chance.

A dedication to building quality apartments and a focus on sustainability and liveability — within the apartment, the building, and the surrounding community — as well as lower ongoing resource consumption, all influenced my decision to go ahead with the purchase of my home.

What is life like at NG1? Is it what you thought it would be?

Other than living in an amazing apartment, I’m not sure I had any firm expectations. I was moving from another apartment in the Brunswick area where I rented for about three years — enough time to develop the barest grunt of acknowledgement from a neighbour in the elevator.

Does living in a community positively affect your life?

Yes, definitely. It’s so common to feel anonymous and alone in a built-up environment. An amazing example of community for me was last year when, after some surgery, I found that a group of neighbours (friends) had gotten together to organise meals and coffee deliveries while I recovered. The more commonly seen examples however might be chat messages along the lines of ‘Does anyone have a springform tin?’ or ‘I’m making cocktails and have run out of lemons…’

You have lots of transport options here. How do you mainly get around?

I’m a public transport fan, there’s nowhere you can’t go with a little planning. Nightingale 1 is wonderfully located with a couple of minutes walk to trains, trams and buses. And yes, we’re also on a bike path, and I do have a quite dusty bicycle. A flimsy excuse for the dust is that pedalling makes reading a book difficult.

Importantly, what’s the coffee situation like at Nightingale 1?

The coffee situation is... convenient, friendly, attentive — with a cafe located at the bottom of the building. On the occasion that I make it out of the building and off to coffee elsewhere, I’ll almost certainly be asked about it later.

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May 2022