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Why did you decide to purchase a Nightingale home?

We were renting in The Commons and loved it so much that we wanted the security of owning one of our own. Until we learned about the Nightingale model, we didn’t think home ownership was a possibility for us.

What is life like in NG1? Is it what you expected?

Having lived at The Commons, we already had a pretty good idea of what living at NG1 would be like. The most wonderful part was that we knew everyone well before moving in through meetings and site visits we had along the way. It was pretty great to move into a place where you could say hello to people on day one.

How does living in a conscious community affect your life?

This might sound far fetched, but living in a community like Nightingale has a great impact on our mental health. Living in a place that’s beautifully designed, where you feel safe, where your neighbours are friends and are courteous, really makes coming home from work and weekends like living in a sanctuary.  

I’ve lived in multi-residential buildings before where you don’t know a soul, everything is white and starting to fall apart from a bad build and you end up dreading coming home. Surely, that’s no way to live.

Since we last caught up, you’ve added a new member to the family. What’s it like being a parent to a small kid and an infant in Nightingale 1?

I am sincerely grateful every day for the community at Nightingale while parenting small people. Between The Commons and Nightingale 1, there are about twelve kids under four years old, so there is never a shortage of kids to play with or parents to hang out with.

We share advice, books, toys, playdates, cooking, the occasional emergency nappy or baby Panadol! Newborn days can be tough and it’s lovely to be able to have a cup of tea with someone going through the same thing just next door.

You’re a four-person family living without a car. How do you get around, both singly and with kids?

I never learnt to drive and my partner hasn’t driven for about 15 years, so by the time we had kids we were used to not driving. Nightingale 1 is perfectly situated in Brunswick to be in walkable distance to anything you might need inc public transport, shops, pool, library, doctors, hospitals, parks, child care, giant trampolines (!), food, coffee (important!).

Your mum is selling up the family home and moving closer to you. Where is she moving and why?

Mum looks after our kids a lot and through doing so has really gotten a taste of Nightingale life and the community. So much so, she’s bought a place in the Nightingale Village which is just three blocks away. This will be great for our family and great for her and her partner.

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June 2022