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a housing model built on kindness and being ‘wannabe’ ping pong champions
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Tell us a bit about who lives here.

Mia and I met twenty years ago, working together at a pub in York. The owners of the venue called it a wine bar, but it was more of a pub! Mia worked in the kitchen, deep-frying chips and I worked on the bar pouring pints of bitter, warm lager and occasionally a glass of wine. Our daughter Wren came along in 2015 and we have happily settled into Nightingale.

How did you first hear about Nightingale?

We first heard about The Commons whilst living in London in 2011. Mia’s parents shared the sales information with us to consider. It wasn’t an option for us at that time but we closely followed the development of that project and were lucky to find a rental in The Commons when the building originally settled. We balloted for Nightingale 1 and here we are. We love being a part of this model because we see that decisions and actions are considered with strong values and kindness.

We hear you’re moving! Where to and why?

We are moving to Nightingale Anstey, a wee move north. We are moving to a three-bedroom home so that we have extra room for us all to use for working, studying and crafting as well as for overseas family to stay.

Which modes of transport does your family mainly use to get around?

We use scooters and our bikes to get around day-to-day, and when we go in to the office we jump on the train.

Bulleke-bek Park has just opened down the road. Loving it?

Yes, we love the new park! Weekends there have a festival vibe and I wonder where everyone was before it opened. Mia and I are wannabe ping pong champions, so the new table tennis table was a very welcome inclusion.

Best place for a meal in Brunswick?

Choukette on Sydney Road: always welcoming, cosy and they make a delicious buttery quiche.

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First published in
June 2022