Nightingale is coming to Sydney

Jun 29, 2022

We’re often asked when we’re coming to Sydney. The answer is very simply that land costs are just too high for us to be able to deliver affordable housing in well-serviced areas of the city — until now.

Nightingale Housing is pleased to partner with not-for-profit organisation Fresh Hope Communities to deliver an exciting new project in central Sydney: Nightingale Marrickville, a one-off development designed just for renters.

In a city where rental costs are skyrocketing alongside house prices, we hope that this new development will relieve some of the rental stress faced by Sydney residents.

What makes Marrickville different from other Nightingale projects?

Whereas Nightingale’s usual approach is to deliver homes for owner-occupiers, Nightingale Marrickville apartments will be built to rent. These apartments will not be for sale, but will instead be available for people to rent on a long-term basis, at rates 20% lower than market value.

How are we able to do this?

Thanks to our project partner Fresh Hope Communities, we are able to access land in the heart of Marrickville. Their aim is to repurpose under-utilised spaces to benefit the community, and so we’ll be developing the site to address a pressing need in the Marrickville community: affordable long-term rental accommodation.

Does Nightingale have further rental projects planned for the future?

Although we believe creating affordable rental properties is essential to solving the current housing crisis, at the moment Nightingale Marrickville is the only build-to-rent project in our pipeline.

What are we building?

Just like our other buildings, Nightingale Marrickville will be built according to the Nightingale Principles prioritising community, affordability and sustainability. The architects for this project are SJB, who are committed to sustainable design practices, and creating spaces that enhance quality of life for those who use them.

This project will include 54 Teilhaus apartments, Nightingale’s space-efficient, small-footprint homes which have been incredibly popular with residents in our owner-occupier communities. The project will include a generous shared spaces for laundry, gardening, dining and socialising.

Why Marrickville?

Marrickville is an ideal area for a Nightingale project, as a well-appointed, vibrant, urban neighbourhood with great access to public transport. The site is a short stroll from Marrickville train station so residents can travel to the city using public transport in around 20 minutes. There’s also a bus stop right across the road.

Residents will have easy access to local community spaces including several public parks and the stunning Marrickville Library and Pavilion, as well as a plethora of shops, venues and eateries, with great Vietnamese food, craft beer breweries, and live music venues all within walking distance.

How can people apply to live at Nightingale Marrickville?

To ensure equitable access, Nightingale Marrickville tenants will be selected through our unique balloting process. The ballot system is used across all Nightingale projects, and means that everyone who applies to live in a Nightingale home has a fair chance of becoming a resident.

The ballot for Nightingale Marrickville will be held closer to the completion of construction, which is expected in early 2024. 

Ahead of the ballot we will share more information about eligibility, dates for information sessions and how to enter the ballot. So if you’d like to know more, register your interest with us to keep updated on all things Nightingale Marrickville.

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