Frequently asked questions

We regularly update this section with the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Design & Interior

Will I be able to change the design of my apartment?

It’s not possible to make direct design changes to your apartment. This is mainly to ensure that we can make best use of the economy of scale involved in designing multi-residential buildings. Individual design changes would not only increase prices but also complicate the builder’s job. Our goal is to design simple homes that you can then make your own once you’ve moved in.

Can I make changes to my apartment after settlement?

Yes, it’s your apartment. Your changes must be within the rules of the owners corporation of your building.

How will I know what is included in the design?

You will be provided with detailed information during the project’s initial information sessions, where you will also have the chance to ask questions and interrogate the design.

After these information sessions, we make a downloadable ‘resident information pack’ (PDF) available that contains floor plans, indicative apartment pricing, and indicative renders and finishes.

Before entering the ballot, you can also contact us via email or book a 1-on-1 call with a Nightingale staff member to clarify any details.

Is the bike parking allocated to apartments or just shared?

The bike parking is shared, allowing flexibility to changing circumstances. All Nightingale buildings include a generous amount of bike parking, so there shouldn’t be any problems finding a spot.

What are Teilhaus apartments?

Teilhaus apartments are space efficient, small-footprint homes that maintain functionality through joinery and flexible spaces. Teilhaus means ‘part of house’ in German. We consider Teilhauses a starting point to get you out of the rental cycle and establish yourself financially.

Teilhaus apartments are cross-subsidised by the larger two- and three-bedroom apartments in the building, which means that they can be sold for between $275,000 and $335,000 (as of 2020).

Teilhaus apartments are preferentially sold to first-home buyers and those with limited financial means, giving them an opportunity of home ownership.

To learn more about life in a Teilhaus apartment, read Christa's story.

What are SOHO apartments?

SOHO apartment types occupy a smaller footprint but have lofty ceilings and distinct zones over two floors, making them perfect for those who work or run businesses from home.

To learn more about life in a SOHO apartment, read Samara's story.

Are there apartments with courtyards instead of, or in addition to, a balcony?

Future projects may include apartments with courtyards, depending on the specifics of the site.

Are Nightingale homes safe and accessible for people living with disability?

We are always looking for ways to make Nightingale homes as liveable as possible, for everyone. Each building design is unique, so if you or someone in your household has specific considerations around design and fittings, please contact us to discuss options for upcoming projects. 

Across Nightingale projects, apartment configuration is informed by the Victorian Government’s Better Apartment Design Standards (BADS). The majority of Nightingale homes and shared spaces have flush transitions throughout, and are designed to an LHA silver standard (however there are exceptions in each project and these are clearly communicated during the balloting process). 

Some Nightingale homes are designed to the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) standards of Improved Liveability or High Physical Support. These are made available through community housing providers. 

All Nightingale building designs comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) throughout common areas. Projects currently in development will include Visual Alarm Devices in common spaces as part of their fire safety systems.

Does every project offer the same types of apartment?

Not every Nightingale project will include every type of apartment. The apartment mix of each project depends on the requirements of the site, its location and project feasibility.