Frequently asked questions

We regularly update this section with the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Why a ballot and how does it work?

Due to the high demand for Nightingale homes, we run a ballot for each Nightingale project that helps us allocate each apartment fairly and transparently. Read more about how the ballot works here.

What information will I be given to help me decide whether to ballot or not?

Prior to the ballots opening, you will be provided with a resident information pack (PDF) which includes detailed floor plans and balloting information including indicative price ranges. You’ll also be able to watch the recordings of both information sessions. This will provide you with the information you require to make an informed decision. If you still have questions, while ballots are open, you will also be able to book a 1-on-1 call with a Nightingale staff member.

When do I have to commit to buying?

Entering the ballot is a commitment to buy an apartment, if offered. While it’s free to enter the ballot, it’s important that you only enter if you are serious about purchasing and that you only ballot for an apartment or apartments you are willing to purchase.

Can I decline an apartment allocated through the ballot?

If you decline an apartment allocated through the ballot, you will not be allowed to participate in future Nightingale ballots. We strongly recommend only entering the ballot with a clear intention to purchase any of the apartments you nominate.

What if I am overseas when the ballot is drawn?

No problem. You can enter the ballot, as well as sign the commitment agreement and pay the commitment fee electronically. You just need to make sure you let us know ahead of time how to contact you on ballot day or nominate someone else to accept any apartment allocation on your behalf.

Who is eligible for the priority ballot?

Please check our priority ballot policy for who is eligible, as well as the requirements for proving your eligibility.

How do I register for the priority ballot?

Our digital ballot forms include a section where you can register as a priority ballot. To be confirmed in the priority ballot, you will need to provide the required documentation prior to the ballot closing. If you don’t provide this evidence, you’ll be included in the general ballot.

What if I miss out in the priority ballot?

If you miss out in the round of priority ballots, your ballot will automatically be included in the general ballot where you’ll have an equal chance of being successful.

What are ‘key community contributors’?

Key community contributors are people whose occupations are considered essential to the functioning of cities, but who are typically on fixed, low-to-moderate or casualised wages. Nightingale recognises that a broad range of low-paid occupations are important for a city’s function, its humanity and economic sustainability. Find more information in our Priority Ballot Policy.