Frequently asked questions

We regularly update this section with the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


How much do Nightingale apartments cost?

Since each Nightingale project is different, prices depend on location, projected cost of construction, number of bedrooms, orientation and elevation. More information on our Pricing page.

What financial contributions are required from purchasers?

Please see the How to purchase and Pricing pages for details of the financial contribution required.

Can I get my deposit back if my circumstances change?

Contracts of sale are binding legal documents. However, in cases of unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances which mean you are unable to purchase your apartment, we would work with you with the aim of finding a new purchaser for the apartment, so that the deposit can be refunded.

It is important to note that Nightingale can’t guarantee the return of your deposit. Any legal and administrative costs incurred as a result of reallocating the apartment may be deducted from the deposit.

Are Nightingale apartments affordable?

Nightingale apartments are sold at cost. Up to 20% of apartments per building are reserved for community housing providers, who are able to provide affordable rental accommodation to vulnerable members of the community through the use of government subsidies.

It is important to note that although Nightingale creates liveable, sustainable homes while keeping costs as low as possible, homes prices will still reflect the costs of the land, labour and materials necessary for each project. We currently do not receive government or charitable funding, and we are not a provider of public, social, community or affordable housing (learn more about these terms here).

In determining whether you can afford a Nightingale apartment, you need to consider whether you will be able to save the deposit required and whether you will be able to afford the mortgage repayments. If you are unsure, we recommend you speak with a registered financial adviser.

What are the owners corporation fees?

OC fees are determined close to construction completion, after the appointment of an Owners Corporation Manager. Although it is difficult to indicate likely OC fees ahead of that time, as a reference: Nightingale Anstey (completed 2022 in Brunswick) OC fees range from $3000 - $6500 per annum depending on lot liability (size of apartment).

While higher than some other developments, this fee covers many things that make Nightingale unique, as well as capturing some items that would ordinarily be paid separately, including:

  • The provision of hot water and hydronic heating to each apartment
  • Laundry use
  • Maintenance of common areas and property such as the lift, laundry, landscaped roof, green facade irrigation, veggie gardens, furniture, worm bins
  • Contract cleaning of common areas

What do owners corporation fees cover?

Your OC fees cover:

  • Paying the rent – $100 per year of your OC fees will go to an Aboriginal-led organisation to be determined from a list provided to the OC
  • Building operations – costs of keeping the building running including management fees, building insurance, cleaning of common areas, cleaning of inaccessible windows, essential services maintenance, monitoring, and testing, and preventative maintenance including of the lift and heat pump
  • Private waste collection
  • Apartment hydronic heating
  • Contribution to the sinking fund - an allowance for general repairs, gardening, common water and electricity

Your OC fees do not cover:

  • Green Travel Plan - annual fee to support more sustainable modes of transport, applicable to private car owners who cannot park off the street
  • Individual utilities charges
  • Individual heating/cooling use, eg an air conditioner or electric heating panel

What will my council rates be?

Councils use property values as the basis for distributing the rating burden across the municipality. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to predict the exact rates early in a new project, but the contract of sale will usually include current rates (or estimates).

How much stamp duty will I have to pay?

The stamp duty payable depends on your personal circumstances. Please seek advice from your conveyancer or a qualified adviser. You can also find information about stamp duty through the State Revenue Office.

What incentives currently exist for first home buyers?

Please refer to the State Revenue Office of Victoria for detailed information on first home buyer incentives.

Do you recommend a specific bank for home loans?

We are not allowed to provide financial advice. We recommend speaking to your bank, an independent financial advisor and/or a mortgage broker to get the advice that best suits your circumstances.

Do any of the Nightingale projects take part in shared equity schemes?

We are not currently taking part in any shared equity schemes.